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If you would like to purchase any of the products below, please email us , ensuring that you tell us which item and how many you would like to order. We can also give you a quote on the postage for the item(s).

Training your Cat Book
Training Your Cat.
    by Dr Kersti Seksel

This book is designed to help you select the right cat for you, and to train it, as well as having fun. The training tips are applicable to both kittens and cats. By enabling you to better understand your pet, this book should help you to prevent many common behaviour problems occurring, and to help solve problems that exist.

In this delightful book she shows you how you can get your cat to come when called, sit when asked, walk safely on a lead or harness, stop scratching and biting, toilet in the right place and refrain from wanton attacks on your furniture - and much, much more.

Cost: $24.95 + Postage.

Padded Halti
Padded Halti Head Collar.

The Halti has been acclaimed world-wide as the most effective design of head-collar, which naturally follows the contours of a dog's face. It is positioned well down the dog's nose giving maximum steerage and control for basic training and all other activities with your dog; from a quiet walk to leading an unruly or potentially dangerous dog past animals or people. Padded Halti's have a soft leather insert on the noseband, making it even more comfortable for your dog to wear.

Cost: $36.00 + Postage.

Delux Cat Toy
Deluxe Cat Toy.

All cats need an outlet for hunting and predatory behaviours, and playing with your cat is good for both of you! This cat toy, comes with either a fur or feather 'teaser' attached to a flexible plastic shaft, keeping your hands well away from the action. To add to the fun, a number of small beads roll up and down the shaft making a noise that will help get your cat's attention.

Cost: $25.00 + Postage.

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