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Most behaviour consultations are held at our offices at Seaforth Veterinary Hospital (northern beaches area of Sydney).  All members of the family are welcome to attend the consultation, along with the problem pet or pets.  This gives us an opportunity to observe the animal's behaviour when placed in an novel environment.

Each behaviour consultation can take anywhere from 90 minutes to 3 hours depending on the problem.  It takes this amount of time in order to help you better understand your pet's behaviour and then provide ways of modifying and managing it.  Each pet is individually assessed and a behaviour modification program is recommended that takes into consideration not only the pet and its problems, but also the whole family and their lifestyle.  Positive reinforcement is emphasised, as the process of managing problematic behaviour should not involve punishment.

After the consultation, a report is sent out to you and your regular veterinarian detailing all of our recommendations.  Some animals require medication as well as behaviour modification to manage their behaviour problem.  Any medications or blood tests that are recommended are not included in the cost of the behavioural consultation.

A re-examination visit is advised 4-6 weeks later to assess medications (if prescribed) and progress of the behaviour modification program.  Further re-examination visits may be necessary and will be recommended if needed.

Prior to your visit, a detailed history is obtained by filling out our questionnaire which details your pet's history, along with details of the problem behaviour(s).  The questionnaire can take some time to fill in, and different family members may have different information/aspects to contribute.  For this reason we suggest that you start filling in the questionnaire well in advance.  You may also want to provide us with video or audio recordings of the pet at home.  If videoing your pet's behaviour, please do not put the animal in a position where it shows any signs of aggression - as this will only worsen the problem.  Footage of you pet at home in the house or yard, or out on a walk is fine.

If you cannot get to our clinic, we may be able to make special arrangements to see you.  Please contact our staff to discuss your needs.

Please download the relevant form, print and complete prior consultation.


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