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Sydney Animal Behaviour Service offers 'Phone Advice' sessions for clients who just need some basic advice on simple problems.  These sessions should not be used as a substitute for a full consultation, but can be helpful if you have a few questions you want answered. 

One of our veterinary behaviourists will spend around 30 minutes with you at a pre-arranged time to discuss your concerns and answer your questions.  During 'Phone Advice' sessions we will give you suggestions of how to best manage your pet's behaviour and may be able to give you some explanation of why a problem behaviour may be occurring. 

In some cases we may also send out relevant client information sheets or make appointments as needed.

Please note: We do not discuss medications or aggression issues during telephone advice.  Most cases involving any form of aggression will need to be seen for a full behaviour consultation due to the complexity of the problem.

If you feel that it would take longer than 30 minutes to discuss your pet's problem, you should schedule a full consultation.

PLEASE NOTE:  *Payment for Telephone Advice is by credit card only*


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