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Referring a Client?

Sydney Animal Behaviour Service is happy to accept referrals from veterinarians.  Although clients do not have to have a referral letter from their vet to get an appointment, having a more thorough history is always helpful, especially when various treatments and strategies have already been instigated.

What should I do before referring a case??

In most cases we would prefer an animal that is to be referred has had a full medical check-up to ensure there is no underlying medical reason for the animal's behaviour.  In most cases this may includes a physical examination, a full blood profile, and in the cases of inappropriate elimination, urinalysis or faecal examinations.

Behaviour-modifying Medications?

If it is decided to place a client's pet on medication, a pre-medication blood screen is recommended.  We will often refer the client back to their local vet to have this procedure performed if they have not had bloods taken as part of their behaviour work-up.

Most animals which are placed on behaviour-modifying medication take these for prolonged periods of time, so regular blood screens every 6-12 months are recommended to monitor liver and kidney health.  Once again, this is performed by the referring veterinarian, with a copy of the results being placed on our files.

In many cases, the referring vet also dispenses the medications recommended by our behaviourists.  This is often easier for the client, as they may live far from our clinic, and is provides plenty of opportunity for the referring vet to monitor their progress.  Depending on the medication, sometimes we will write the patient a prescription that will be filled at the local chemist.

Discharge Instructions?

Once we have seen a behaviour case, a full copy of the discharge instructions will be faxed to the referring veterinarian.  In many cases the referring vet is an active participant in the pet's ongoing behavioural management.

Can I be included?

All referring veterinarians receive a full copy of the discharge instructions given to clients.  If you have an interest in the field, maybe a behaviour fax consultation may be the way to keep you 'in the loop' and allow you to conduct a behaviour consultation yourself with the full back-up of the behaviour service.


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